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Welcome to my website, a gateway to some of the dumb stuff I do!

UPDATE 10/26/2020 - Yeah this didn't really work out did it

Keeping it brief; I don't update this anymore and I figure that I might as well make it official that I'm not going to use this domain for much other than file hosting for as long as I can see into the future. Which isn't all that long, but still. If you're still interested in keeping up with me for some reason, or if you've come across this long after I've stopped updating it, the best way to keep tabs on my continued existence is probably through my RateYourMusic page, which also has lists with links to my playlists both from my WMUA radio days and from my Quarantine Machine days, including at least a couple that I didn't post on the blog. Thanks for your views and support over the last few months, and I hope you all stay safe this coming winter as we continue spiraling into the Doubled Downward Twenties.


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