My first web page

This is my first web page.

What this is

A simple page put together using HTML, and a power trip.

Why this is

How exciting!

Yes, that really is exciting. Warning: level of excitement may cause head to explode.

Where to find this tutorial that I'm using and slightly deviating from in order to pretend that I'm witty


Some randumb blank table

Row 1, cell 1 Row 1, cell 2 Row 1, cell 3
Row 2, cell 1 Row 2, cell 2 Row 2, cell 3
Row 3, cell 1 Row 3, cell 2 Row 3, cell 3
Row 4, cell 1 Row 4, cell 2 Row 4, cell 3

Hey check out this cool checkbox

Some random form

Note: I'm taking out the form because I don't like that it goes to a 405 and not my special 404 page that I made. Speaking of, here's a handy link to my wonderful beautiful special error page!