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Date: May 4th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 9:53 PM.

Weather: I don't actually know today, and I'm not even going to make a guess like I usually do. This one's just up in the air. If you're reading in the future just look up the weather in Boston on this day, at this time. It all gets saved somewhere. If it didn't, welp, how are you reading this, future folk?

Mental and Physical Health State: I feel pretty good mentally given that I've got two out of four finals out of the way. More weight leaving my shoulders. Just wish it was leaving my belly har har har. Mentally also feeling pretty good. There's one thing on my radar that's been on my radar for like three years, like a slowly approaching meteorite, but it's still a good deal out. Like an oil tanker approaching shore. There's still time for it to turn. Less time than I'd like. But time.

Day Overview: Today I woke up! That was a thing I did. Woke up at eleven or so, ate some food, then sat down to take my first final of the day. I did pretty well on it! I know this because it told me, through the computer, what my grade was, instantly. And then I played some Animal Crossing and put off the next final, which was for Film Studies. Oh, the first one was for Advertising and Social Communication. With Sut Jhally. I've learned a lot from that class. It's really helped solidify a lot of the political ideas that I've been introduced with over this election cycle, keeping this swing of the pendulum from being just a phase, I think. My way of thinking has been somewhat radically altered. I think this class could radicalize just about anyone, actually. The subject matter it covers is abjectly horrifying, to some degree, especially if you haven't spent the most time thinking about it. Film Studies was good but I knew most of what it covered and just needed some clearing up of technical aspects and to know the Words That People Use instead of the Words That I Like.

On My Mind: The meteorite. Approaching. I don't exactly have a laser to blow this one out of the sky. It's a personal meteorite. Once it hits planet Me, a lot will change, but I think I'll be happier once it does. It's just looming right now. It's like I need to give it a hug or something. Weirdo meteorite. This probably doesn't translate well into other languages. Who the hell would translate someone's personal blog? Someone's incredibly personal blog. It's less a blog and more an Open Diary. Everyone has a copy of it, and the key clasp on the front is broken, which is redundant since it came with the key anyway but it's symbolic in a weird sense. And they can leave it by their bedside and every night, at a really not that specific time, it'll add a new page. There's even a spot where they can write, too! The bad part is the diary is made out of cardboard.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: About a thousand words of essay response for Film Studies, but nothing else.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading my blog. Today we hit 13k views. Now if you'll excuse me I have a burger to eat and an album listening session to run.