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Date: May 3rd, 2020.

Time of Writing: 11:26 PM.

Weather: I did not go out today, because my muscles were sore from the five mile walk yesterday, because I don't walk much. However, I can generally assume that it was nice out, based off of extrapolations from visual data acquired from windows and what yesterday was like.

Mental and Physical Health State: Limewire in real life. Digital detritus given physical wilt. A decrepit virtual space's raw decay in pageviews and attention mapped to necrosis in the rotting flesh of a fresh carcass. A deeper understanding.

Day Overview: Woke up around noon, thankfully not to the sound of my brother's alarm. Played some Animal Crossing to start the day but not too much, because I had some lecture content to watch. I used to use a lot more people's names in these blog posts, because each day had with it the random possibility that I would interact with somebody new. That has been lost, now. I could remark on who I've spoken to electronically in a textual capacity, but then I'd need to log all interactions of that nature. And that's impossible. I've spent a lot of time not doing much but listen to music.

On My Mind: What's on my mind today is my body. My haircut, specifically. I've spent a bit too long looking at myself in the mirror and discovered that if my hair flips to one side, I look absolutely disfigured. Flipped to the other side and I look strange still but not as mangled. My internal perceptions of my body are very different from other people's, it seems. They say they like it. I don't understand how, aside from, well, the me in my head is not the me that other people see, and can never be, just by simple factor. Humans can't understand each other, and yet they must.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: A few hundred early morning, none since, even when it has suddenly become prudent.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading my blog. I have a quick word about the current timeline for technical improvements to the website. This upcoming week is finals week, and, whether I'm actually going to be using the time for this purpose or not, I'd like to block off the entirety of the week through Friday for finals work. Then, on Saturday, I'll begin working on the blog. Priority goes based off of time since suggestion and personal assessment of difficulty. First, adjustments will be made to the May theme for readability's sake. Then, a page view counter will be applied to the front page. Finally, the entire site will be reformatted for mobile use. Thank you all for your patience, I know I've been slacking on this aspect of the site lately.