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Date: May 29th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 11:40 PM.

Weather: It was pretty alright out. Sort of humid today actually. Intermittent cloud cover. Perfect weather for a revolution.

Mental and Physical Health State: Okay I might as well talk about this. I've been having pain in my lower abdominal area for the past week, and today I actually went in person to the doctor to see what was wrong. For the next week we'll be addressing this issue as if it's digestive, and if that doesn't work we're going to see what the next steps are. Hopefully this will no longer plague me soon. The appointment was in the respiratory clinic for the hospital system I'm in, and seeing the doctors there make complex social distancing judgements managing lines on the fly was incredibly interesting. I kept being worried that I'd mess things up because I haven't actually gone inside any buildings other than my house in the last few months.

Needless to say, this has all been stressing me out for a little while. Thankfully the pain in my leg has basically left me, and it was just muscle cramps more than anything, I think. Regular walking has alleviated it. Diet will continue to do so.

Day Overview: Other than the health visit, I had to go to the pharmacy in order to pick up my prescription. This was my first time in a store in a couple months. When I was told it wasn't ready yet I deadass stood there for about five seconds before I realized I couldn't wait inside. Just frozen trying to process what I was supposed to do. I eventually decided that since I live like two minutes away, I could wait the fifteen minutes on the porch of my home. Other than this, I've spent today playing video games and getting myself up to date on the protests going on.

On My Mind: It is absolutely vital that any supporter of this protest who is currently unable to protest or can't risk catching Covid out there right now, to defend the actions of the protestors online. This is one way in which posting absolutely can be praxis, to flood the internet with messages that counteracts official media narratives designed to placate and restore the status quo. In a society built on buying and selling the essentials of life as commodities, refusing to participate by instead stealing from large corporations that drive the mechanisms of capitalism must be viewed as legitimate protest. Peaceful protests are met with violence and derision. No justice, no peace.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: Not much at all today. Seeing as I was, you know, being medically treated. Gotta take today easy.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading my blog. I didn't want to worry anybody by discussing health problems before I knew concretely what they were, or had begun treating them. I'm the kind of person who panics looking up their symptoms online when he can't see a doctor if something's off. In other words, a bit weak.