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Date: May 25th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 1:15 AM.

Weather: I can't tell, warm enough outside for my Dad to grill alone in the backyard.

Mental and Physical Health State: I'm not really sure. I need to get more exercise but lack the willpower to go through the process of putting on a mask and walking around aimlessly again, in this kind of heat.

Day Overview: Woke up, played some video games, ate breakfast, waffles, two of them, three actually, nevermind, chocolate eggo in the toaster, tasted nice. Decided I needed to go for a walk and then didn't. Ate some instant tofu and broccoli dish for lunch that was pretty good. Played more games, thought a lot about getting more games even though I haven't tried all of the games I've downloaded. Hosted the first half of the weekly listenalong before it got too late for me to focus and I dipped out.

On My Mind: Not being around people other than my family has really sapped a lot of motivation from me. It's like, without regular social contact, I sorta just forget the wider world exists and is expecting anything from me. I feel content to just stay in here and waste away, literally physically wasting away in this house, I can feel it every day, the passage of time. The lack of activity, both mental and physical. In one sense, I'm handling this well in that I'm content. In another, I'm handling this terribly, because I haven't really acclimated. My content is built on a false promise to myself that it'll be over sooner rather than later, and things can go back to normal, when in reality there's no reason to believe these things, rationally. No reason at all.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: A hundred words, two hundred tops, of stuff that is actually usable.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading my zero motivation blog. Late as usual. Tomorrow hopefully I'll get back on schedule with these, I've been dreading a schedule slip for a while and it's finally happening so it's time to apply countermeasures.