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Date: May 20th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 11:23 PM.

Weather: I'm not really sure, I didn't go outside today, but the sun was really bright in the evening shining through the window illuminating all the dust on my computer screen.

Mental and Physical Health State: I'm feeling really good today. I feel like the last few days I've had a lot of anxieties, about people and my friends and just various circles I've been a part of over the years, but recently I've started to just feel better about it all, somehow.

Day Overview: I woke up around eleven o'clock today, and sort of sat around denying it for a while. Not much was done today. No writing at all, really, though I did some sort of mental planning and solidification of concept for a thing that's happening in the writingosphere. I played some video games and chilled and listened to music. That's all I need to be doing. I don't need to expect anything of myself, this is a crisis. I just need to be calm, and I just need to feel okay, and ready to brave the new world. Anything to escape the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour.

On My Mind: I mean like I said in the health section I've been doing a lot of sorta negative reflecting on myself as a social person. Being away from physical contact with people has made me forget what parts of that translate to interaction online. A lot of emotional stock has gone into my online interactions as of late and I haven't really been careful about that at all.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: Not much other than some very basic planning stuff. We passed 15,000 pageviews on the site today. So now I can re-anounce the page counter as an addition in celebration of this milestone. Yep. That's totally an honest, sane thing to do.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading my blog. This week I don't have an episode of The Quarantine Machine ready. However, I'm going to share something a little different; a sort of mood board in a playlist, just a collection of songs that capture a specific feeling or set of emotions that I've had at the time. A sort of catharsis playlist. I've been making these for a while now, but in the past I haven't really shared them much or done anything with crossfades. Today's playlist, I made in the last week before everything kinda hit the fan. The first week of March. It's designed to work best with a twelve second crossfade, and it can also loop, it's designed so that the last song flows into the first. I'll do another Quantine Machine playlist next week, and it'll have a theme for sure.