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Date: March 9th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 8:59 PM.

Weather: Incredibly warm today. Unseasonal. Disturbing.

Mood: Worried.

Day Overview: Stayed up late watching an old Russian silent movie because fuck it I'm young and I can do these things, and at the end I go to my phone and I notice these big vertical lines going up and down the screen the longer I have the phone screen on, all sorts of different colors before my eyes just going crazy on the phone. Looks like the screen finally got killed. I was due for a new phone anyway, and I'll be getting one when I get home. It kinda sucks, just the timing of this, but I guess worse things have happened. The phone still works otherwise with no issue, but I can't really look at it for that long without being seriously distracted by the lines. It's whatever. I was up really late in bed last night just unable to get my mind off of it, though. This totally could have been avoided if I petitioned harder for the lower bunk last semester. The crack that caused this came when I dropped my phone off the top bunk. If I'd kept the bottom bunk, this would not have happened.

The TA for my one class this morning was not here, which was fine, even though he's cool and I missed him just sorta being around the class still carried on fine. The girl behind me trusted me, a complete stranger, enough to plug her phone into the wall and not mess with it. There's no mistake there, I'm just saying that I could never do something like that. I don't hate people most of the time, but I'm wary of them. Which could be a protection. If behind every person's mask was a person like me then I'd have many reasons to be distrustful. And there's the edginess quota for today all filled out. I didn't have to wear a sweater in today's weather. It was low 70's in the afternoon, and even though there was a good breeze it was way too hot for this season. Just on a conceptual level, I mean.

The group of friends dubbed The Loaf - myself, Spencer, Via, Jess, and Dev - had a picnic planned for this weather. We picked a spot by the campus pond and had lunch we got from the dining halls, the grab & go section. The dining hall near my dorm has this big mac ripoff thing that's pretty good, today's tasted the least like a big mac than ever, but it didn't matter because a burger is a burger and burgers are good. Spencer and I threw the frisbee for a while, which was a lot of fun. He had this dumb (but funny) moment where he tied his phone to a piece of string, threw it over a branch, and tried to take a selfie of us with his apple watch, which got a really great picture of him making a really strange face. We were in hysterics for basically the whole afternoon all the way into the dining hall to grab some ice cream. The group splintered after that, with Spencer and Via walking up to his dorm to hang out. We wound up outside, talking to people from the area. The actual rooms in that area suck, but it seems like they have a really great sense of community. We threw more frisbee with people from the area, and then after Via grabbed her stuff from his room we left. I'm going to do some late night studying and essay writing with Tsz again in a little while, after the food truck rolls up and I get a quesadilla.

On My Mind: I've been worrying about the coronavirus lately. Not that it'll hurt me significantly - my parents will probably be fine if they get it, and I'll definitely be fine if I get it. I'm chiefly worried about what my university is going to do with regards to closures after spring break. The procedure, from what I've heard, is going to be to close campus for an additional two weeks at the end of spring break. This'll suck. Classes will move to online during this time, and afterwards, which'll throw a biiiig wrench into my writing class, which is essentially experientially driven. It'll be fine for basically everything else, though. Except Film Studies, because I don't know if they have the license to distribute the rest of the films on a mass scale when we're not in class. Some are on Kanopy but not all of them. I'm still going to Montreal - it's safer there than it is in my hometown, as far as reported cases go. I'm just worried about the world I'll be coming back to.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: Well, I'm about to go and write some parts of an essay. Haven't really gotten anything else thrown together yet though. Not tonight, at least.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading my blog. This week's episode of my radio show The Theme Machine is themed around Travel and Transportation! Songs are about the act of travelling and the machines we use to get from place to place. You can catch it Friday morning from 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM EST on WMUA Amherst. That's 91.1 FM if you're local and online. Ciao!