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Date: March 31st, 2020.

Time of Writing: 10:17 PM.

Weather: Colder than usual, clear in the sky.

Mental and Physical Health State: I had a little bit of a cough but I was fine today. Emotionally, I'm just chilling at this point. I feel a little bit overworked but I'm fine.

Day Overview: I overslept through my College Writing class this morning. This is because, last night, I was planning a mini-music festival for one of the Discord servers that I'm a member of. The goal is, in celebration of April Fool's Day, to marathon some of the worst music ever. I'm going to be DJing the day's proceedings, because I'd like to do that and I kind of came up with the idea. It's going to be based around a Pacific Time schedule, since that's where a clear majority of the members live, essentially. This has the side effect of keeping me awake really late. Oh well.

Today I didn't do much other than go on a walk with my brother. On our walk, we passed the train station, walking by a pond that often is habitat to many birds. On this particular day, there were around twelve geese in the pond, two swans, and one Heron on the bank of the pond. Over the course of about forty five minutes, we watched as one of the swans chased all of the geese away from the pond. We learned later that the swan was defending its nest, but it was still some sight to watch as the swan chased all of the geese around the pond for that long, methodically picking out the biggest geese, making an example of them and scaring the others off. The heron, who we thought might get involved, did not. After the last geese on the pond were gone, the swan made a show of flapping its wings and cawing at some other geese still on the pond bed, before it went after them too. Total victory for the swan. The rest of the walk was very nice, around five miles.

On My Mind: Non-essential businesses have been encouraged to close until May 4th. This is going to make finding a job pretty hard, outside of the supermarket. I'm not against working at the supermarket at all. I'm just worried that I'd suck at it because I'm pretty terrible at interacting with other people. Most likely, I'd be made to work the register, because I'm a scrawny guy who wouldn't be worth much in the produce basement or whatever. I could do inventory, but I'm also pretty bad with numbers. At the register, it does basically everything for you. You just have to process the transaction, sort of. I dunno. My Mom did cashier work at the nearby supermarket for a while, and that seems like a decent enough place for me to go. I know they're probably trying to hire.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: Nothing today.

Other Thoughts: And that's a wrap on March. Tomorrow begins April's posts. Thank you for reading my blog. Despite the marathon tomorrow I'll be sharing the latest episode of The Quarantine Machine as usual.