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Date: March 21st, 2020.

Time of Writing: 8:32 PM.

Weather: Chilly this morning.

Mental and Physical Health State: Waiting on results from the test to come in the next few days. Cough is clearing up a bit. I feel a bit bored though.

Day Overview: I woke up at around nine, and then fell back asleep. My Dad came by and woke me up again, though, and I had some breakfast before I got ready for my test. We both put on facemasks and got in the car to go to the parking lot the testing was set up in. As we drove, I noticed just how many people were actually outside. The numbers were definitely down, but the streets are far from deserted out there. Very few people were wearing face masks, and even fewer people were observing the six foot social distancing rule. I get the feeling nothing's going to get people here to observe those rules short of a shelter-in-place or total lockdown order.

What was practically deserted, though, was the testing site. Set up in a parking lot behind the hospital, there was absolutely no line to drive through and get tested. I was worried, given that I chose noon to go in, that there'd be a long procession of cars that I'd have to sit through. I even brought a cliff bar for a snack and a bottle of water in case we had to wait a long time. Once they checked me in (I held my ID up so they could see, from inside the car), we drove around to the other side of the parking lot and pulled up outside the testing tent. After a few moments, a doctor wearing protective gear that was altogether too large for her came out. It was such an impediment that she had to kind of move her shoulders side to side as she walked, which I would have laughed at if it wasn't a bit scary. She asked me to roll the window down, and I did as she said. Instead of asking questions, she gave me a flyer with some information and told me that she was going to put a thing in my nose for about ten seconds, and that it would just hurt a bit.

Uh, no, my Dad said to me as the doctor put the rod up my right nostril, If it's anything like the flu test, it's going to hurt a lot.

Indeed, it did, but only for a short while. I thought my nose would start bleeding, but as we drove away I just felt like I needed to blow my nose. I don't understand why more people aren't getting tested if that's how simple it is. I get that people need referrals and all unless they're really old or already have a condition, but still, it's better to get tested than not. Maybe there are other testing sites that are drawing most of the traffic. Anyway, I stayed home for the rest of the day, of course - they instructed everyone in the house to seriously self-quarantine until the results were out. Played some games, watched a lot of YouTube, basically did nothing worth reporting.

On My Mind: I wish the free tier of Neocities at least gave you a limited view of where your site traffic was coming from, geographically. It'd be neat to see where exactly my readers are reading from, and if I can match the locations up to anyone that I know reads the site. Other than this incredibly mundane thought, I've got nothing today. I'm pretty relaxed right now.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: A few hundred words of creative writing. Another playlist, wholesale, because I felt like it.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading this blog. You could have chosen a lot of other ways to spend your time, and you chose this one instead. I can't judge you for that; I'm the one making this, after all. Day in, day out. I wonder if I'll ever fully miss a day.