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Date: March 11th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 10:34 PM.

Weather: Warm but also a little cold.

Mood: Angry and confused.

Day Overview: Shit is hitting the fan. My university is going online only until April 3rd, and likely extending past that. All the clubs that have elections (every club) is scrambling and doesn't know what to do, the entire music department is messed up, and there's a good chance my radio show is donezo after this week. Also, I'm not going to Montreal anymore because some idiot took the subway with it and potentially infected a lot of people, and also a plane landed from Italy that they didn't test anyone who got off. But I just have to talk about life as usual right now, right? Right.

History of World Religions class was interesting because midway through the email got sent out about the university's response to Coronavirus. Then I got a message that Lily was in town. We got bubble tea and walked around and talked and stuff. I barely got to my religion discussion in time. I got a pretty decent grade on my paper, but it was lower than I was expecting, which is fine. Then, I went to Dev's concert with Jess and Spencer, possibly the last concert of the semester. It was alright. More thoughts in the Works Consumed section. I'm in the middle of getting ready to move out right now. One more radio show. One more day.

On My Mind: I don't know. I'm just really kinda upset right now. I can't really write in this section in good conscience. A lot of feelings are coming to the surface and I don't like any of them.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: A few thousand words of creative writing in the early evening, at Tsz's tableside. Nothing else, and it'll likely stay that way. I'll exert myself more tomorrow. RIght now I just need to wallow.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading my blog. I have one more radio show this semester, it's all but guaranteed. The Theme Machine Episode 008: Travel and Transportation. Tune in Friday morning (or late Thursday night) at 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM to hear what will probably be my last show as a freshman. You can listen on WMUA Amherst at 91.1 FM if you're still in the area, or online at