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Date: March 10th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 10:01 PM.

Weather: Warm, a little bit of a hint of a drizzle at some points but it never truly materialized.

Mood: Dry lips but otherwise good.

Day Overview: Thank goodness I spent time writing with Tsz last night. She saw a good deal of issues in my paper that my peer review folk didn't, and I wouldn't have been able to fix them if I didn't know they existed. It looks like the next assignment for that class is going to be a presentation, which would be exciting if not for the fact that it was paired with an annotated bibliography. Yikes! My stomach hurt in the morning but that was probably because of the Quesadilla I had for my late dinner last night. It cleared up by my media class, which was not the exam - it was actually a study session. That's good, because God knows if I was going to study for the exam otherwise.

The exam for my Film Studies class went really well. I thank two things for that - it was an open book exam, and I know how to use an index. The film we watched afterwards was pretty alright. I got a burrito from the campus center for my dinner, and then went to anime club. I was too late for trivia, but it went to a crazy number of tiebreakers for probably the third time this semester.

On My Mind: It's looking really likely that UMass might close for the rest of the spring semester. Mount Holyoke, Amherst College, and Smith College have closed. Hampshire College is going to close for some reason or other regardless of the Coronavirus. As soon as UMass says it's going to close, I need to start packing. Well, first I'm going to start throwing things away. Then I'll start packing. At first, I suspect it'll be pretty nice. There'll be a longer spring break before classes go online, and I'll use that to catch up with friends and stuff. But pretty soon, I'm going to have to look for work. My Dad's going to lose income because of this, and my Mom might catch it and have to stay home for a while. My household will need all the income it can get, and that means I need to find a job. It'll also suck not being able to do my radio show. No way will I be able to make it down to Amherst once a week to go on air. Not with my timeslot.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: Slim pickings. Going to go hang out with Tsz in the band building again, though, and my goal is to write some more while I'm there.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading my blog. There's a good chance that this week's radio show will be my last of the semester. It would mean a lot to me if you could tune in. The theme is Travel, which is fitting given the likely diaspora from the area. You can listen on WMUA Amherst. That's 91.1 FM and online. Once again, thank you. I hope you tune in.