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Date: January 6th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 7:56 PM

Weather: Cold, but that's all I know since I didn't go outside again.

Mood: Cozily useless.

Day Overview: Stayed up early in the morning coding more features into the site, and then when I made myself go to bed I stayed up for hours wanting to be back in front of the computer, I had a good idea for an essay and I started outlining it in my head, and I had more features to add to the website that I really wanted to experiment with, but instead I forced myself to sleep and wound up waking up at noon again with no desire to do anything but lounge around and be useless. I did make some good progress on parts of the site that I hadn't even realized needed updating or working on, and I played a bit of a game, but that's about it. Tomorrow, I need to get out of the house. I have an idea for a fun adventure to go on based on a meme posted on a discord server that happened to reference something in my city, so stay tuned for that.

On My Mind: I'll be really happy when we cure sleep. To me, sleep is a greater illness than death. Over the summer I had a series of sixty days or so where I just had constant nightmares every single night when I went to sleep. Nothing I did work, not changing my diet, not getting to bed earlier - that only made it worse - I tried keeping a journal so that I could potentially go lucid in a dream and figure out what was causing it or at least dispel the nightmare and that worked a grand total of one time before I had this really bad one where I realized I was dreaming but I didn't go lucid and then what was probably the most pleasant dream I'd had in a while turned to nonsense because of dream logic and ruined itself retroactively and I had to watch it happen. I don't enjoy sleep. Feeling well-rested is good, but I don't like trading waking hours for it.


Produced: I've reached the decision, one week into the blog, that progress on the website should be counted in this section. Why the hell not? There's legitimately no good reason that I shouldn't. Early in the morning I heavily revamped the homepage of this website, moving a lot of the stuff that was just laying out there into a brand new About Me page. Additionally, I made a list of stuff that I want to do with the site in the future, like fixing the page on mobile phones and making a guestbook that people can sign. Just a few hours ago I gave the website a favicon and hopefully got it up to date with the Open Graph Protocol. I didn't know what either of these things were into one of the people in a Discord server I shared the page on pointed it out and graciously helped me figure it out (shout out to Morgan).

Other Thoughts: If you haven't checked out the updated About Me page, please do. I've moved a lot of stuff over there and added ways to contact me if you want to suggest improvements to the site. Thank you for reading.