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Date: January 3rd, 2020

Time of Writing: 7:04 PM

Weather: Unseasonably warm and cloudy.

Mood: Contently lazy.

Day Overview: Went to bed incredibly late, or early I guess, in the morning. Once again, I did not leave the house. My brother stayed home from school as well, but he didn't wake up until late in the afternoon. These days have been somewhat boring to write about because I haven't been doing much and I apologize for how boring they must be to read about, but I'm on vacation and I'm taking the time to just exist for a while. The next few days should be more interesting for sure, because I'm hanging out with friends and we'll probably get up to some hijinks.

On My Mind: I'm never sure about how personal to get in these blog posts. On one hand, the idea behind writing this blog is to take my prior New Year's Resolutions to keep a journal and hold myself publicly accountable for its execution. On the other hand, absolutely anyone can read this, and doesn't it defeat the purpose of a journal somewhat if it isn't somewhat personal? I'm lucky to have had some pretty relaxed days thus far, and I haven't seriously had many personal things to discuss, but when the time comes for me to share something a little close to my heart, I might just flake.


Produced: Wrote some revisions to that thing I mentioned yesterday because haha that got torn to shreds. Going to seriously rethink what I wrote. I sort of submitted the draft I had laying around without much thought and hoped I'd get through but the person who did my critique was not merciful in the least. I'm thankful for that, of course, but it doesn't make it any easier on me. Did a short update for a different thing, planned out the remainder of a story I'm serializing elsewhere, and wrote this post otherwise.

Other Thoughts: I have an empty brain today!