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Date: January 27th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 8:25 PM.

Weather: Clear and warmish.

Mood: Full, bloated-ish.

Day Overview: I want to be quick today. I don't want to stew in my feelings too much, or fuck around with the minutae of the day too much, because today was pretty simple with an exception. In Japanese class the professor was replaced for the day by one of the TA's, who nodded wordlessly at my Hiragana as I was practicing in approval, which was interesting, because I'm terrible, and her whole purpose was to give people advice, so I guess maybe I'm not terrible. The girl I sat next to in Religion History was nice, and I was doing well taking notes until Google Docs shat the bed. My honors Ideas class sucked and was a pain in the ass to participate in. The real interesting bit came during the Radio Station General Body meeting today, where I had to introduce my show.

I got up there with everyone else, and I went first, because I was standing all the way on the left and because I was the first show of the day. And I did. And it felt terrible because I am awful at speaking to people, in any sense.

Maybe my future is in something like radio. I don't have to look at the people I'm talking to, and I'm not the main focus. Yeah. I'm best as a faceless voice. Sorry, I'm just not feeling talkative today. It's meatless monday in my personal kitchen in my head which determines what I eat from other people's kitchens, and maybe I'm just sort of out of sorts.

On My Mind: Should I get a haircut? Please get in touch with me about this, I cannot make decisions.


Produced: About to do some homework.

Other Thoughts: I'm sorry for the brevity of this post. I'm feeling out of it today, and the week is busy. Tomorrow I'll probably have a mental breakdown onto the page and that'll be fun, ahahaha, thank you for reading.