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Date: January 2nd, 2020

Time of Writing: 7:18 PM

Weather: Unseasonably warm earlier today. Generally clear skies.

Mood: Stressed.

Day Overview: I went to bed late and woke up early, then I didn't get out of bed in time so I fell back asleep until 1 PM. I had a cliff bar for breakfast and then didn't have lunch. Spent way too much time playing this game called Control on the PS4, which'll hopefully wind up in the Consumed section soon. My next game has to be something more relaxing, something easier, probably slower paced. I wish I went out and did something today but it's hard to do that when you don't have any money to spend anywhere. Oh well. Hey, how about I add a Kofi link to my website? :)

On My Mind: On the subject of stuff that I actually want to add to my website, I'm going to put together a checklist of site features and display it prominently on the front page. One of those things is a front page overhaul, directing people to the blog rather than the About Me page, which is currently housed in the Index. I need to get a better text editor as well so that I don't mess up the website when people want to view it. Constant improvement of the website is the antidote to my inevitable drop-off in interest later in the season.


Produced: Nothing so far. I did the writing I said I would yesterday, and I'm on standby to make edits to something when it's my turn for a critique, but otherwise today is a low engagement day.

Other Thoughts: So far I've been reserving the Consumed section for stuff that I've finished, but keeping track of my in-progress stuff might also be a good idea? I'll reach a decision on this. In other news; how do I make a guestbook???