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Date: January 18th, 2020

Time of Writing: 7:54 PM.

Weather: Cold, from the draft I felt when I helped my Dad bring in the groceries earlier.

Mood: Too tired to really have a mood.

Day Overview: I woke up, I played Death Stranding for seven hours, and then I sat down to write this post. Yes. That is all I did today. It's my last day of vacation, so I decided to spend it being absolutely as useless as possible. I haven't even gotten around to packing for my return journey tomorrow yet. Oh well.

On My Mind: My winter break this year was longer and more eventful than any I've had before (certainly more so than two years ago, when I didn't leave the house for a whole week because I was no-lifing Danganronpa) but it still feels like I didn't do enough, in some ways. It still feels like I was idle, even though every other day or so I was leaving the house. I saw friends I haven't seen in months, I started this website, I went to a couple of concerts, and I went on a few adventures, generally speaking, but it still doesn't feel like enough. I guess there's technically a few more hours left in it, plus Monday is a holiday, though I'll be back at my university on that day, so it's not quite done yet, but I'm through the main portion of it. When I try to think about what I'd rather have done, or what I didn't really get the chance to do, it's hard for me to come up with much. There was that one time where I full on slept through a time I was supposed to be spending with my friends, that's the one concrete thing I wish I had done differently. There are a couple people I wish I spent more time with but there wasn't anything I could do to make their schedule magically become empty or anything like that. Overall I enjoyed myself, but I wonder if enjoying myself is the point. I don't feel fulfilled, and that's a thought that's going to stick with me into this next semester at university. Speaking of, I am still woefully underprepared, but I'll wait for things to start happening that I am actually underprepared for before I start whining.


Produced: Got some late night writing done, didn't get anything else out of my system on account of sinking way too much time into Death Stranding but oh well. I should have been packing so I wouldn't have had time to make stuff happen anyways. I anticipate making a playlist for the drive tomorrow as well, and yes, that totally counts.

Other Thoughts: If the last few days of ennui on the blog have bored you, then don't worry, things are likely to pick up big time from here on out as I introduce my university and all the weird and wonderful characters I hang out with over there. Thank you for reading, especially through this long period of downtime!