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Date: January 16th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 6:41 PM.

Weather: Cold with scattered drizzles.

Mood: Fine, though itchy.

Day Overview: Woke up early today to see the new Smash Bros fighter reveal, which was sufficiently whelming. I don't mind Byleth as a character, since there's going to be six more DLC fighters. Knowing that there were more coming along was honestly the best part of the announcement for me. A few hours later I left the house to apply for a Passport Card. I'm hoping to go to Canada with some friends over Spring Break. The guy processing my application, whose name was Glen according to his nametag, seemed very done with his job, his life, and basically everything he touched. A lot of muttering the word bullshit but reassuring me when I apologized for doing something wrong that I wasn't doing anything wrong. I have a copy of my passport photo; it's in my wallet. I went to CVS afterwards and looked for some Crispy MandMs (nectar of the gods) to celebrate. They didn't have any of the ones in bags, which was a tragedy, so I settled for the crispy mint bar. The guy at the register was so nervous that he tried to make small talk about me eating MandMs. I relate, but I also detest. I went home right after that and putzed around watching YouTube videos for a while.

On My Mind: I don't understand how I can switch between being socially competent to the point of not being phased when something awkward or embarrassing happens to me some days, and then physically paralysed when I'm having a relatively relaxed conversation. Today I was absolutely fine despite being in somewhat close proximity to dangerous interactions (and that's as specific as I'm going to get), and yet just two weeks ago I was having trouble going up to someone that I knew was expecting me to arrive and give something to them. I'm wildly inconsistent as a person. The only thing that really grounds me is my writing, and I know I haven't been very productive on that front outside of this blog but I've blown way past the amount of stuff I anticipated having to say in each section a while ago. If you look at the post template you'll see that I set a soft limit on my Day Overview section, forecasting that each entry would only be a couple of paragraphs in length. I've had multiple entries that went over double that, and I don't see that trend stopping anytime soon. I'm glad that this habit has caught on as quickly as it did - I can't stop now!


Produced: A passport, lmao. Might write later but that's pretty unlikely to be honest. Gonna take it slow these next couple days, except for the big site feature coming out tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Other Thoughts: In addition to the new feature, I'm going to be trying various fixes for an organizational problem on the backend of the site in the next few days. Things might get a little gunked up, but if I can get things to work I think I'll save myself a lot of headache later down the line.