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Date: January 13th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 8:00 PM.

Weather: Starting to cool back down to seasonal again.

Mood: Full.

Day Overview: Nothing new to report. And not in the ironic well actually I did loads of stuff and I'm just not telling you way. Everything notable that I did besides figuring out the deal with my medical bill today, is contained in the consumption section. A slow day spent entirely indoors. I woke up sort of early, but that's about the only remarkable thing. Tomorrow should be interesting, though, I'm meeting with another old friend of mine for the first time since the summer. I'll have a fun anecdote to share for tomorrow's post, too.

On My Mind: Not much. I had a nice meal for dinner tonight. Leftover pork tenderloin, some potato latkes, and chicken samosas. I don't keep kosher, and I never had, so if you try to bust my balls over me eating pork you aren't getting anywhere lmao. It was a nice filling dish paired with a couple episodes of Cowboy Bebop, mmm. A while ago I tried making a list of the ideal settings to listen to various albums in, but I think in retrospect that's way too broad. Pairing anime with food? Now that has the potential to take off, let me tell you.


Produced: A surprising amount. Wrote a few hundred words for one thing, procrastinated on another but I might get that done after the post goes up. I wish I could get back into a quicker paced writing schedule but I'm on vacation in all regards so anything I do beyond the bare minimum is extra, to be quite honest. I've also added some Sad Cat Pictures to the Sad Cat Gallery. Please check it out when you get the chance! Shout out to Eggnegg.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for continuing to read my blog. For those of you who read my About Me section, you can expect to find a new addition to that page shortly with details about my upcoming radio show and where and when to listen to it! I'll probably post it as an announcement to the main page. Once again, thank you for reading!