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Date: January 10th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 10:37 PM

Weather: Warmer than it should be for this time of year.

Mood: Happy.

Day Overview: Stayed up really late until I got some writing done and then collapsed into my bed. I didn't do much today during daylight hours until around three in the afternoon. I started a book, but I won't talk about it until I finish it, probably tomorrow, and you'll see it in the Consumed section (which really needs to be renamed) when it comes up. I read and surfed the internet until I saw that my friend Lucas got his Valve Index Virtual Reality headset in the mail, and that Edward was coming over to try it out. In a somewhat uncharacteristic move, I asked Edward if I could come by too, and if he could pick me up. Surprisingly he agreed, and shortly came by to get me. Meanwhile, I was having trouble looking for my glasses, and I still haven't found them; I'm writing this from Lucas' computer in his house, clacking away on a mechanical keyboard while he plays Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with Ed. I've been hanging out here and playing Beat Saber for the past few hours, as well as a free to play game called Nemesis Perspective that I'm surprisingly really good at. It's an asymmetrical game where one player using the VR headset plays as this big demon thing and tries to use their hands to smash the hero character, controlled by a player with a controller looking at the desktop screen. I was pretty good at both roles, despite not having played before, and only lost a couple of times. But enough about what I did today.

On My Mind: I considered making this blog cyberpunk themed when I first started it, using an obnoxious coder font for the text and a background of a pixelated city or something. There's a lot of cyberpunk themed websites on Neocities, and it's not hard to see why. The total freedom of the platform embodies several cyberpunk virtues and freedoms inherent in the aesthetic. I'm going to make a page where I link to some of my favorite sites on Neocities so that you guys can fully see how terrible I am at code and stuff. My dear readers, I truly suck shit. Eventually I decided on Yukko from Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) slumped in a slackery pose. I'll inevitably change it at some point in the future. Who knows? Maybe Jaretwrites 2.0 will be more cyberpunk! This is prompted by the feeling I get when the VR headset tether hangs over my back, I feel like I'm plugged into cyberspace!


Produced: I got my revisions done! Haven't got any feedback on them yet but I think it's going to be good. The root cause of all of my prior issues was ultimately that the profile was half baked and not good. It was the shortest character profile that I'd written for the site, at just under 2,000 words. I did some extensive rewrites, and presently it's just over 3,000 words. I'm proud of the total overhaul I did, but I'm worried that I'm going to get absolutely shut down again, or that I'm going to nearly get approved but sent back for a minor thing like a sentence that I forgot to change and no longer makes sense. I guess we'll see eventually.

Other Thoughts: Nothing much to report. Although I am curious about what you guys think about the current aesthetic of the blog. If you have feedback you'd like to give, feel free to get in contact with me. Thank you for reading!