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Date: February 6th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 7:36 PM.

Weather: Sleet and cold.

Mood: A little bit tired.

Day Overview: I woke up an hour before my alarm again today. It was worse today than yesterday because I got much less sleep last night than the night before. Like a lot less. I managed to actually fall back asleep for a few minutes before my alarm actually went off, and I rose from bed, hobbling along to the showers. My writing class went well in the sense that it was uneventful. We're doing a peer review activity with our essays. The class has been split into trios, with each member in the little group critiquing the other two essays and offering feedback. While my groupmates' essays were well critiqued and dissected, examined in critical lenses and celebrated in constructive ways, mine only had a singular comment by the end of the class period. It was a comment of praise. The worst thing I can ever be told, I think, is that what I'm doing is simply good and without any noticeable fault. That drives me absolutely insane.

I retreated to my dorm room after class to wait out some of the slush. If the weather was different, I'd have journeyed onward through the day and found a place to sit and wait for my next class, but the weather was absolutely awful today. At least in the morning it was. When I walked by the lacrosse field, they were testing the speakers in the scoreboard system by playing Shipping Up To Boston really loudly. There was a delay between the speakers at either end of the field, so it sounded kind of neat, actually. Droneish. I want a shoegaze cover of that song now. I spent an hour in my room and a half hour on lunch and walked north to my class, picking a seat far back in the room so I could post random garbage on my phone. Then it was time for Film Studies, which, again, I basically posted online for the duration of. Before the in-class writing assignment the professor noted that the teacher's assistants requested we use better handwriting, which I feel is aimed specifically at me in this 150 person class. Calling it chicken scratch would be an insult to the good name of fowl.

I went to the store in the campus center, bought some toothpaste and a pack of tissue for my runny nose, and then I went back again to my dorm, where I've been holed up for the last three hours. I took a call from my brother during that time span, which was good, it's nice to check up on him sometimes. I have this weird achy pain in the left side of my body, and it feels strange. Maybe it's because I just haven't been eating enough. Who knows, I sure hope it's not a nutritional thing. I'm not getting dinner for probably another hour, so, yeah. I gotta eat late so that during the radio show I'm not starving. Tomorrow I'll have a lot of food or something, I dunno. I bet in a little while I won't feel this way.

On My Mind: I'm textbanking for Bernie. I've signed up for a webinar tomorrow night that's supposed to teach how to do it correctly. I'd phonebank, but I'm absolutely terrible over the phone, and I can test bank when I'm listening to podcasts and music and stuff. Maybe eventually I can learn how to talk on the phone properly. Maybe I'll even canvas, when we get closer to Super Tuesday. This is a short section, but there isn't much on my mind besides this right now. And the radio show but that's well you'll hear how that goes eventually.


Produced: Not much at all, but that's better than nothing. All progress is progress, and the night is still young. Well, some of the night will be eating dinner, and yet most of it will be sitting at the radio board and transmitting, but, well, the general idea is - yeah I lost this one.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading my crappy blog. If you're reading on mobile, the background that you can't see is Samurai Champloo themed, and the colors make more sense when you're on a computer. My radio show, The Theme Machine, is on tonight from 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM. Technically takes place during Friday, but you know what I mean. You can listen in online at or you can tune in on a real radio at 91.1 FM if you're in the area. Tonight's theme is Characters. I'll explain it on the air. Tune in for some good music and some good vibes.