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Date: February 3rd, 2020.

Time of Writing: 9:48 PM.

Weather: Clear, warmish.

Mood: A little painful.

Day Overview: Well I woke up today and I didn't have a headache which was good. I did have two less classes to go to, which also was good. My Intro to World Religions class is a good one to have on Monday, it's relaxing and it's nice to be in. When I catch up to the lectures posted online for the other class that meets on Monday maybe I'll start going to that too, but the option is mine. Looking forward to my new three-day weekend for sure, that'll be a lot of fun. I get to sleep in after coming home late from the radio show! After class I went to the library to print some shit and ran into my roommate, weird how small the world is. After lunch I took a walk down to CVS to get new conditioner and body wash, I could have taken the bus but I ate a lot so I wanted to stretch my legs. It was a mile there and a mile back. I need to get more steps in. Maybe I can start exploring some of the more unknown places around campus? It always baffles me when people don't know places here. Like, okay, the more north STEM-y bits, I don't recognize anything over there, but I'd only need to walk through a few times before I got it.

Had a minor ordeal with the laundry situation in my building. I wish we just had a basement where all the laundry machines were and didn't have to deal with going on elevator escapades to find a floor with laundry machines open. I was lucky enough to do the washing on my floor, but then because some girl was doing like nine loads in the dryer I had to look for somewhere else to do it. I went to like four different floors and they were all taken, and I had dinner plans, so I just put the basket of wet clothes in my room and went to get food. When I came back I was lucky enough to get the dryer on my floor, which was a relief. Dinner was fun. I've learned recently that I have the capacity to really scare people by just not announcing my presence and then sitting down at a table. Apparently I looked like I materialized out of thin air or something like that. Is this a superpower origin story?

On My Mind: For a while I purposefully avoided news out of Iowa from today's caucusing events. I didn't want to deal with a repeat of 2016, where Bernie lost the state by .3%. It was the tiniest of losses, and the media ran with it. Essentially, it was a coronation for Hilary. When I was in the dining hall earlier I let myself look at the results. The amount of support for Bernie was overwhelming. I found myself tearing up. I'm tearing up writing this. The battle isn't over, but goddamn it if it doesn't look so much more doable after this. I want to start phone banking. I need to get over my shyness and start to phone bank. I've already started friend-to-friend canvassing. Maybe I'll go door to door this weekend, there's a group going from Amherst up to New Hampshire. Maybe. I dunno, I feel like New Hampshire has been a Bernie stronghold for a while. But phone-banking, I definitely want to do. Today has been inspirational. I hope the results hold.


Produced: Gotta say, not much. Took notes on my Religion class, maybe wrote a post I can't remember. Gotta get some more writing in before I go to bed, and - oh, that's right, I put together most of Thursday's playlist today.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading, I'm glad that the month's new theme is appreciated. I'm trying to do a new theme for each month of the blog. Maybe in the future the changes will be more interesting.