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Date: February 27th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 10:01 PM.

Weather: Cold, even colder with the wind.

Mood: A little stressed but I'm fine.

Day Overview: My day got off to a less than stellar start. It was raining in the morning pretty bad, and I didn't take an umbrella with me or even wear a coat with a hood, so my hair got all wet. When I went into the dining hall, I slipped down the stairs to Grab & Go because the bottom of my boots were wet and I hit the step wrong. It sucked. Class was alright, and I'm glad I don't have homework except to write an essay by next Tuesday holy shit it really is midterm season already huh.

My Media Intro class was pretty sedated as usual. There's no class next week because we're supposed to be studying for the midterm in two weeks, which, first of all, not only does it not take that long to study, but also literally nobody is going to use all that extra time to study. That just isn't going to happen. My Film Studies class was next, and we got to see editing in the silent film Battleship Potemkin and the whole Odessa stairs sequence. It was pretty modern for a silent movie. I feel like my answer to the in-class writing wasn't that on-topic, but it's a more truthful answer than I could have given otherwise. It asked how editing, in my opinion, contributes to Rear Window as a movie about cinema as one critic put it, and I said that while editing does sort of help it's more the cinematography that does it, and it's much closer to a movie about television. I do not care one bit that television wasn't the biggest thing when Rear Window came out. That does not matter. Death to the author, death of the author, death for the author.

I hung out in my dorm for a few hours after that, and then I travelled up the hill to check out an open mic in Butterfield, a residence hall I'm considering living in next year. I really liked the atmosphere, it was really comfy and fun to be there and I wish I managed to work up the courage to, I dunno, read something or sing a karaoke song or whatever. There was a band at the end called Campsite 85 that was pretty fun, maybe go check them out, I have no idea how their recorded stuff sounds but they had a nice stage presence. This whole day essentially I've been obsessing over my radio playlist, I guess that's a thing that's been happening.

On My Mind: There was this thing in the dining halls during dinner, a joint citrus-pistachio takeover event. It was bizarre to say the least, and it led me to wonder about the pistachio lobby in the United States. I think we should overturn Citizens United, but maybe the pistachio guys can stay. How harmful can that be, right? Pistachios are fun, and they're tasty. What harm could we possibly do to the environment, to our economy, and to our government by, oh I don't know, giving each senator a lifetime supply? Hell, why don't we serve pistachios in our school lunches? Everyone should get a monthly stipend that they can use at an official pistachio retailer for pistachios. Pistachios should be considered a national treasure and we should annex wherever they're from so we can get away with taking credit. The political compass needs a Z-axis, and that Z-axis needs to be labelled Pistachio Affinity.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: About 1,500 words of critique on someone else's writing, but that's just about it.

Other Thoughts: Thanks for reading! Slow day, yeah. Pistachios. Mmm. Hopefully I get over myself before TONIGHT'S RADIO SHOW, OH JEEZ!

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