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Date: February 21st, 2020.

Time of Writing: 8:54 PM.

Weather: The wind is terrible today. Very cold.

Mood: Terrible as well.

Day Overview: Radio show last night went really well, thank you to everyone who tuned in. Woke up around noon, peeled my sorry ass out of bed and into the shower, got some food, textbanked for a while, listened to music while I did so. Then it was time to get cupcakes for Jess's birthday. Spencer decided it'd be cool to dry shave with a straight razor in public while we waited for Dev to come around. Then when we were picking up the cupcakes at the tea place, he had like four cups of the free sample drink. Rubbed some on his chin and said it was aftershave. It was funny at the time, but also incredibly weird. I can do incredibly weird funny, but there's gotta be some level of self-awareness. It's not post-irony if you were never ironic in the first place.

Fuck. Even when I'm ranting and trying to be somewhat emotional about something I can't help but sound like I have a stick up my ass. Jess liked the cupcakes and the gifts Dev got her. We hung out in their room for a bit, and then got dinner. When Dev had to leave to go to a concert after we went back to Jess' building, we decided to play pool. None of us have played that bad in our life. Oh, before this I had a long conversation with Spencer about video games, which I thought was fine, but, well, whatever.

I suck. Not at pool. I won all three games we played. But I suck as a person, I guess. Spencer kind of blew up at me and right now he's playing piano and I'm just writing this blogpost and we're supposed to get food or whatever but I think I just want to go. I don't know what I'm going to do, but you'll find out tomorrow, or whenever I post about it. I'm not even going to apologize this time.

On My Mind: Maybe I just really suck at picking friends. I'm beefing with someone else right now too. All she does is talk about her hookups. I don't care that she's hooking up with people. She wants to do that, good for her. But we don't talk about anything else. When I talk to someone, I want to talk to someone. I think that might be too much to ask now.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: I don't think I wrote anything today.

Other Thoughts: n/a