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Date: February 2nd, 2020.

Time of Writing: 11:11 PM.

Weather: Clear and cold.

Mood: Ohohohoho, I'm vibing.

Day Overview: Went to the music review committee section, had a pretty active voice, made people laugh, expressed my interest in applying for the Music Director job for next year, then went up to the hill and watched the Super Bowl and vibed and had a good time and now I'm back in my dorm and I dropped Japanese and took an online Communications class and I think my major is Communications with a concentration/certificate in Creative Writing, Yeah, that sounds good to me. I'll just teach myself Japanese.

On My Mind: The chiefs won! Very good, very very good. I'm happy about this. Jon Bois likes the chiefs, I like the chiefs. I watched it with my friends. I have the mandate of heaven! I feel so good, I feel so bad, my head hurts, I need to drink more water, that game ended really early, last year it took what. This long? The fan is loud. Maybe I just made a mistake. No, communications is the way! It makes sense because radio is what I want to do! Maybe someday I'll have a podcast. This makes a lot of sense actually. Yeah nevermind the confusion. God. The people who need to read this don't.


Produced: I wrote some words today, probably about 2,000. They weren't the best, but that's a lot more than I've written in a while. I want to write more but I think I'd just fuck it all up. Yeah, that's a good call.

Other Thoughts: Your collective silence on the new aesthetic of the blog means that you love it! Thanks for reading! I'm vibing.