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Date: February 18th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 8:33 PM.

Weather: Snowy in the morning, rainy in the evening, cold throughout.

Mood: I don't know what it is, but it's a bit strange.

Day Overview: Woke up with my first alarm and then somehow managed to convince myself that no, falling back asleep wasn't something I needed to do. Which was a very hard thing to do, I might add. Took a lot of willpower to not just turn off all my alarms for the day and fall back asleep, but I managed. Printed out my essay for my World Religion class just a few minutes before it started. It's been turned in to the TA now. Totally out of my hands. Class was about ancient Roman religion, as a sort of set-up to Christianity in tomorrow's lecture. We had a Monday schedule because of the holiday, which went well with the whole Meatless Tuesday flub.

Anime club today was nice. My team didn't win at trivia, but we did respectably. The theme was stuff that isn't anime but looked like anime, sort of. There were questions about Avatar: The Last Airbender alongside Girl's Frontline. The episodes for today were good too, and though we were still in the shitty physics building we had a better room than usual. I could see the projector screen without sitting on a windowsill, at least. The volume was a bit quiet, though.

On My Mind: It's a small world out there. I must be two or three degrees of separation away from some pretty famous people, if I make the right contacts. Even though there are billions of us on the planet, we're more connected than ever before. Just today I talked to someone, a complete stranger I met online, who happened to know someone in my section of the Marching Band! The chances of that happening must be slim to none. If I think about it, my Dad has down sound for some famous-ish musicians, so there's probably some industry contacts he knows. But it's really the internet that's been shrinking the ties that bind us. We don't really need ties anymore. The human race is practically joined at the hip!

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: Wrote a good deal of fiction today. Probably totalling around 600 words. Not really a good good deal, but more than usual. What sucks is how tired I feel at the end of the day. I wish I had the energy to get back in there and write some more. Ugh.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading my blog. Please, if you haven't already, check out and sign my guestbook. I'm going to shamelessly self-plagiarize and copy some of last night's blurb; This week's episode of my radio show The Theme Machine is about Dreams, and one thing I'd like to do is read some dreams on the air; but, I need your help! Please send me your weird dreams! Anything PG-13 is good, and if you think I could tell it in a PG-13 way by omitting some things that would be good too. You can listen to the show on WMUA Amherst, 91.1 FM, at 12:00 AM to 2:00 AM on Friday mornings. Online, you can find it here.