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Date: February 14th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 7:36 PM

Weather: Frigid and clear.

Mood: There's a piece of meat stuck in my teeth.

Day Overview: Happy Valentine's Day, I guess! I didn't do much today. The radio episode went great. Sahil was my guest, as well as his friend Ugonna, who I wasn't anticipating, but he was really cool. He's a grad student at the business school here. Tsz came by and gave Sahil and I Valentine's Cards, just to show her appreciation, which was really nice of her. She listened to the show as well. I played a lot of good stuff, imo, but the internet on my laptop wasn't working so I couldn't take requests without resorting to the very dangerous method of using the station computer to play stuff off YouTube. They ordered a couple pizzas from Dominos, and after the show we sat around in the basement of the campus center eating them. Not in the station, mind you, but at a table near the stairs. All told I was out until about three in the morning. When I came back I was surprised to find Jade was still awake. We chatted for a bit, and then I went to bed. Both him and Isaac are gone for the weekend.

I got a haircut today. A lot shorter than I thought I'd be getting but you know what it'll grow in. Didn't let the barber touch my hair in front, but the sides and back of my head are a lot less gross looking now. I had some misadventures deciding on where to go to get the haircut and eventually just decided on the place in the campus center. I came back to my room and listened to some music while I textbanked. Debating whether or not to canvas tomorrow, considering basically nobody is around and my Vampire session is cancelled for the week. Hmm.

On My Mind: Why don't I keep toothpicks in my room the piece of meat isn't budging and whenever I touch it with my tongue I just push it deeper into my mouth it sucks so bad I swear I'm about to use idk the corner of the end of a piece of paper and cut the fuck up out of my face and get it out that way oh my god i seriously need to rethink my life choices those ribs were good but not that good please get this out of my mouth this instant I walked around the dining hall with a piece of food on my face and nobody told me it was there what an embarassment this piece of meat really needs to get unstuck from my motherfucking teeth!!!!!

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: Wrote a few hundred words of an essay, and that's about it. At least it was writing? What can I say.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for tuning in last night if you did, and for reading the blog in general. This is going to be a pretty subdued weekend, seeing as most of my friends are out of town. I expect that in two days I'm going to dump several thousand words into the On My Mind section and go insane.