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Date: February 10th, 2020

Time of Writing: 9:58 PM.

Weather: Rained earlier, clear now, coldish.

Mood: In slight discomfort/pain.

Day Overview: Honestly nothing much to report from today. Another successfully Meatless Monday. That's a thing I sort of just started doing a few weeks ago, just because I could. Wanted to make a change in my diet, I guess? It's still a hard thing to do, and my stomach still isn't used to it, but over time it'll wise up. Only had one class today and it was on Judaism, which I know a lot about because go on take a guess. Afterwards I went into town to buy stamps so I can mail in my absentee ballot application, which is sitting next to the computer on the desk. When I came back I did some laundry, thankfully on my floor, and after filling a few hours with text banking for the Bernie campaign I then went to the radio station General Body meeting shortly afterwards.

The meeting was mostly business as usual, with one exception; we were granted a special look at the floor plan for the new radio space in the Student Union building that will be opening next year. It's on the ground floor of that building, and combines the office space and studio areas into one general grouping, as opposed to their separated area from the campus center. The Main Control Room has a window looking out into the main study and lounge area of the building now, so you can see the people out there and they can see you DJing as well. If I keep my same time slot I don't think I'll ever see anyone ever, but if I move to be earlier in the evening people will be able to see me ALL THE TIME AH.

On My Mind: I don't know why but my stomach has been giving me fits today. It hasn't been like this on any prior meatless mondays so it's not today's food but it could be yesterday, I'd have no way of knowing. I'm no stranger to stomach pain, anyone who knew me in high school knows that there have been several days in the past where I was just straight up unable to come to school for like ten days a semester solely because of stomach shit. This is different, a bit more acute, and I'm better at dealing with it now than before. Helps that the bathroom is just across the hall but maybe that's TMI.


Produced: A few hundred words of writing, and some homework. So basically it's standard working order for me. Oh, and also an absentee ballot application form, I think that's a pretty important thing to produce.

Other Thoughts: Thinking of adding an in-progress section to the blog, to note all the books and games and shows that I'm in the process of completing. It'd be mostly static, maybe with some occasional updates as I get further in, and you'd get to see a couple words of thoughts on each thing as I got further. I worry that it'd be too long, though, so I think it'd only get updated when I actively do more of the thing. Like, take the game Death Stranding, which I've been playing on-off for the last month and a half. That'd only show up on days that I actually play it. How does that sound? Thank you for reading.