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Date: April 4th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 11:05 PM.

Weather: No trees fell on my house and that's all I care about.

Mental and Physical Health State: Post infectious coughs suck. I'm kinda just chilling right now. It's hard to be motivated to do anything not immediately pressing is something I'll say right now, and also I had a bit of a fit earlier and cleaned off the dining room table, so I'm really wildly vacillating between two extremes.

Day Overview: I stayed up really late last night, and I don't even remember why at this point. Ari kept me up because he was talking in his sleep. I think I was playing Minecraft again? Finally got my friends to switch from the RLCraft server to the Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons server and based on the fact they're not dying all of the time I think it's more or less a total success. Otherwise, I split my time between frantically filling out overdue financial aid forms and working on my application for a job at the radio station, which I need to finish soon or else I'll live forever in regret.

On My Mind: The Minute Hour is a YouTube channel/sound art project that is responsible for some of the most original, novel pieces of audio drama I've heard in a long time. There are animations of a good several of their bits, which I'd highly recommend. My personal favorites are Something Terribly Offensive, The Hero of the Diner, and Why is No One Talking About Fight Club? but I've yet to find one of these that is bad in any way.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: Naught.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading my blog. Today wasn't very eventful or interesting. Maybe I'll keep a dream journal or something to liven things up. If anything, it'd get my sleep schedule on track... though it's altogether not really my fault. I haven't had dinner yet.