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Date: April 28th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 8:38 PM.

Weather: It was pretty cold inside.

Mental and Physical Health State: Something interesting happened. By interesting I mean painful. I was trying to get to sleep around four AM or so, and I was tossing and turning in bed for a while, and all of a sudden I got this pain in, well, an area, and it slowly over the course of the morning just got worse and worse. I started panicking about it after looking up stuff online like a dumbass and missed my class, decided to call the doctor and schedule an appointment. Took a nap for a couple hours, and then was told basically that there's currently no sign that it's super serious at the moment, and that I probably just slept wrong. Mentally and emotionally this has been a rollercoaster. I'm going to keep taking ibuprofen for it since that's been helping.

Day Overview: Basically everything I said above. I spent a lot of time just laying down in bed since that's been more comfortable than sitting down. Played a good deal of animal crossing today as well, though progress on my island has been somewhat slow going. Visited my brother's island at least, had some fun walking around there and seeing what he decided to do with his place.

On My Mind: I dislike having a body. I wish I could just be an incorporeal energy being or some shit. Put me in the interwebs. Let me update this blog as a ghost. A ghost in the machine. All machines. Uploading my consciousness would be really neat if I could go with it. I mean if these are just the memories of that future AI consciousness I wouldn't ever know. If consciousness is just the brain creating memories in real time, then these could be the memories of the line of consciousness that gets uploaded to the internet. I've always had a problem with stories where people get teleported or cloned and are said to still be alive. Is that the same person, I wondered. But this line of thinking solves that, I guess. Similarly I have the same thought process about surgery. What happens to you when you go under?

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: Wrote some character worldbuilding type stuff idk what do you want from me I'm in constant pain.

Other Thoughts: Thank you for reading my blog. Tomorrow I'll post the next episode of The Quarantine Machine. I also have an announcement to make regarding the future of The Quarantine Machine. Tomorrow.