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Date: April 27th, 2020.

Time of Writing: 9:08 PM.

Weather: Windy as all hell during the early morning into midday. I don't really know how it shaped up to be after that, though. It was sort of strange.

Mental and Physical Health State: Pretty good. Absolutely need to go on more walks though. That's basically non negotiable at this point as something that I need to do.

Day Overview: Stayed up late last night, woke up late today. Though it wasn't good enough that I got a lot of sleep. I spent the morning in denial of the fact that the month had occurred, and then I dragged myself through some Animal Crossing for a while. Then I got to work on some school stuff for a while. I didn't do all that much today otherwise. Today was probably the most boring of all days, I guess. If there had to be a way to categorize them, I mean. D Tier at the highest. But in just a little while I'm going to set to hosting a listenalong thing on the music server again, and that'll be fun!

On My Mind: I just ate Felipe's for the first time in months. I'm glad that they haven't had to shutter during this crisis. Their burritos are amazing, absolutely one hundred percent amazing. I need to support local businesses more, to the extent that that's available. Hopefully, my university refund is good enough for me to do that. I saw a number today that was... very big. If it's true, then I'll be able to help out, in very small contributions, with a lot of different people. I need to set aside a lot for myself of course because otherwise I'll just be a drain on my parents, but still, it's a comfort to know that I can do a bit more.

Works Consumed: Works In Progress:

Works Produced: A few hundred words of writing for fiction, a few hundred of writing for academic sakes, and some playlist building too I guess, though I haven't been counting that lately since it's not being broadcast and it seems somewhat useless to do so in the wake of that.

Other Thoughts: Thank you all for reading my boring blog. We hit 12,000 pageviews today. I need to implement the counter thing. Goddamnit. Am I getting complacent? Maybe.