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About Me

Hi! My name is Jaret, and this is my website, which are the two things about me you probably already knew from the index page. I'm a college student with absolutely way less time on my hands than I act like I have, but it's still a lot, so I made this website in order to put some of that empty dead time to good use! Critics are divided on whether or not I've been living up to that goal but I'd say that I'm doing a pretty alright job at it so far.

Why Neocities?

Originally, the idea was that my site would host one thing and one thing only; my blog. I've started several journals in the past, but none of them really worked out for too long. I'd put off writing entries and eventually the daily schedule would become weekly would become monthly would become never. This year, I decided enough was enough. In order for a journal to work, it'd need to be somewhere where other people could see it and hold me accountable for not writing an entry. I've had experience blogging before when I was younger, but that was with a school club and I did a column, not a personal project. I wanted something that I had total ownership over - something I quickly realized was not going to happen with me filling out a post template. I've visited Neocities a couple times before, but the idea of starting a site here hadn't occured to me until just then. I could have total ownership over the content, format, and presentation of my blog - and I'd teach myself how to write in HTML and CSS while I was at it. And here I am.

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Never give out information to strangers on the internet, they said.